Academic Year - 2017/18
(02 Jan - 28 May 2018)

Semester 3 - 2018
(04 June - 28 Aug 2018)

Semester 1/2 - 2018/19
(03 Sept - 28 May 2019)

Online Booking

We are now fully booked until end of May 2018. We are now accepting bookings for the Summer Semester and the Sept 2018 to June 2019 Academic Semester. Please see www.buckleyhall.ie/frequently-asked-questions section on how to increase you chance of booking. Bookings for 2018/2019 tend to start very early 2018 so please apply now if interested.

Please complete this booking form to apply for accommodation at Buckley Hall, its free to apply, no payment is required. Viewings of sample apartments can be provided at set times once the booking application has been submitted. Submission of this booking application does not guarantee a place at Buckley Hall. Confirmed bookings only occur on signing of lease and payment of deposit for property. Please see calender to left of this form which details availability, (X means no availability, tick means we have availability, ? means limited availability).

Only Students can apply for accommodation during the Academic Semesters 1 & 2 (September to June). A "Student" means a person who is a registered student of, and is pursuing a course of study on a full-time basis at an approved Educational Institution.

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